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Customs Clearance

4th Floor Logistics Services, through customs house brokers providing an excellent customs service that fulfills the comprehensive growth requirements and copes with the developments at the national and international standard levels

Door To Door

4th Floor Logistics services, aim to make your operations tasks easier, by offering the services by preparing shipment documents at origin, customs clearance & shipping-forwarding to final destination, and/or preparing operation arrangements to ensure direct flow of goods from the exporter to the importer / from the point of origin to the point of sale and/or delivery with a minimum of interruption and delay it could happen, historically from Ex-Mills!!

Ocean Freight

4th Floor logistics services , our system and procedures ensure that we operate similar of finely-tuned machine, each part working in sync with the other to reach a common goal to provide continuous movement, continuous forward movement to consistently deliver your shipment, on time and in the same condition in which it left

Air Freight

4th Floor Logistics services, know the critical importance of each shipment and how much it could mean to the daily operations of your business needs. We treat every shipment as a highly individualized experience wherein your cargo moves swiftly, directly from your facility to the airline dock and straight to the destination, that’s why our freight services command immediate response and absolute fully trust

Land Freight

4th Floor Logistics services, have organized land transportation with a special emphasis on speed in reaching by different types of vehicles wheels every part of the country, to be able to offer high quality land transportation services, we linked with the most reputable trucking firms related to such vehicles required including back to back operation when it’s a must through the transaction international borders due to countries rules and conditions

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